PXI Modular Embedded Systems
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PXI Modular Embedded Systems

PXI/PXIe is an ideal deployment platform for measurement and automated test systems, environments in which reliability is critical. In the development of a reliable PXI/PXIe platform, however, thermal issues demand maximum consideration. Priorities include: ensuring that airflow is sustained when passing over elements in need of cooling; minimizing the take-in of unwanted additional heat; successfully balancing maximization of exhaust port dimensions with safety considerations;, and optimizing the PQ curve of fan placement. Of equal concern is power supply disposition. Providing a dedicated heat dissipation path for the power supply enables an optimum thermal solution.

Reliable PXI/PXIe Chassis

Effective PXI/PXIe chassis design must take into consideration aspects of module deployment that can affect airflow. PXI/PXIe chassis generally provide 3U PXI modules for 4U chassis. In this confined space, thermal management and sustained reliability present significant challenges.

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